9 KPIs Every Business Should Use

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In order for your business to stay competitive in today’s market, it is essential to make decisions based on fluid data. To do this, business owners need to track and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which provide critical insights into their company’s business operations. KPIs tell you not just what your bottom line is, but knowing “why” it is important …


If You Don’t Have A CFO, Get One From Us

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If you own and operate a business of any size, you already understand that finance is like the blood circulation that keeps rest of the business operating while your product or service acts as the heart. Finance is all about profit, loss, and understanding all the factors that contribute to them. These include sales, marketing, operations, labor, manufacturing and the …

How To Improve Your Company’s Cash Flow

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Managing cash flow is crucial to small and mid-sized business’ success There are three main components to your company’s cash flow – cash inflows, cash outflows, planning for future cash needs. You must manage each component effectively to ensure your company’s short and long-term success. Here are a few tips on improving your company’s cash flow: Conduct a cash flow …


A Closer Look At CFO Services

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Running a business takes a lot of effort, and there are a huge number of different factors that go into making sure yours is successful. Accounting and financial management are two areas that are often overlooked or postponed until its too late. Turning to a company that offers outsourced CFO services is an option to consider for businesses on a …

What Exactly Does a CFO do?

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What Exactly Does a CFO do? CFOs Enhance Productivity Across an Entire Company You’ve heard the acronym “CFO” many times but few people understand what one does. The Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) is truly the heart of a business. He or she coordinates the other departments’ efforts and insures their focus on profits. Here are just a few things that …

What’s a Credit Card Worth to You?

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Credit cards are the lifeblood of B2C businesses, yet far too many business owners take too lightly the decision of choosing a Merchant (credit card processor).  The fact is, you’re probably paying too much for your credit card processing.  Credit card usage has become so commonplace, and processing so competitive that business owners jump on with whoever quotes them the …